Create an iPhone app with no programming experience

What happens if you have a great idea for an iPhone app, but don’t have the required technical skills? You could invest the time and effort to learn those skills, but that could take a long time. You can pay someone to create the app for you, but that can be expensive, and it can also be difficult to clearly communicate exactly what you want. Now there’s a real alternative: App Press. A web-based tool that allows you to easily build iPad and iPhone apps visually, without any development experience.

The idea of App Press was conceived in 2010 after Kevin Smith and Grant Glas discussed a way graphic designers could build an iOS app without writing a single line of code. After many beta phases and a three-month-long approval process with Apple (which the app was rejected twice) they final launched App Press to the public on May 28, 2011. Since then App Press has grown to over 1,000 users in 23 different countries and there are now 12 App Press powered apps on the AppStore, with over 100,000 downloads between them. Two of the most successful App Press build apps were ”The Chili Chef“, which was selected by Apple to be featured in the AppStore, and “500 History” which was featured on the iTunes homepage. Watch the video below to see how easy it was to create these applications.

The goal of App Press is to empower people with no development experience by allowing them to leverage their existing content and ideas to build something amazing for the iPad and iPhone. The pricing beats all comparable options for building a top quality iOS apps. App Press’ incredible features will take your app to highest level of quality for a fraction of the cost it would take you to develop it elsewhere, and allows you to manage everything yourself. App Press creates a digital hub that allows you to easily update your content daily, tie in your social media network, display your Twitter feed and insert existing web content like your blog and storefront. All of this you can build 100% code-free.

AppDevMag Reader Offer

Like the sound of App Press and want to give it a try? The first three AppDevMag readers to register for a 30-day trial of App Press will receive the App Press Preview app for free (a $39.99 value). Simply enter ‘DevMag’ in the company field and the App Press team will email you a promo code.

About the Author

Grant Glas is the CEO and Co-founder of App Press along with CTO and Co-founder Kevin Smith. App Press is based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. To contact Grant or Kevin email them at
  • Grant

    Still one promo code left! Sign up for the free trial and enter ‘DevMag’ in the company filed to get it!

  • apps wiz

    If this is the case then I think that there won’t be required any programmer to create any app. Big loss to the programmers.

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  • Carman Wurth

    The concept of App Press is good, without having any knowledge to programming one will be able to develop their own app and that also costing them nothing. But I think that there will some limitation to it and even it won’t be able to do a great job as an an developer can do.

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    I was searching for such program! It is really helpful!

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    Programmers can create any application wich they need for any system. But they should be a good specialist for doing this. 

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    Mostly iphone applications are creates with the use of a different programming languages. But here i have find a great information that iphone apps create without programming experience that’s really very useful for me to create apps with my own ideas.

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